Production Management

We manage the whole process including customer data, manufacturing, the delivery time with our own program (called Total System).

We utilize the total system of the program for managing orders, drawings, the usage of the processing equipment, and product traceability, also for processing of in-process defects based on ISO, and payment data.

We manage all orders on this screen. Various information such as process flow, product cost, current process, logs, multiple drawings, delivery date of materials is centrally managed.
And, this system monitors when, who used which machine, how long it takes to process each item, and the subsequent manufacturing phase each item went.
Also, based on ISO, it manages defect reports and countermeasures when defects occur in the process, and when we receive an order for a repeat product, this machine alerts us that the product had a flaw in previous manufacturing.

This screen precisely sorts all orders.
It extracts the tool’s data under various conditions such as tool number and tool diameter from about 400,000 tools and links the data of processing similar products, cost, estimated delivery date with other screens. This function enables us to check the status of the engineering of products immediately.

At each site, we enter the daily report using a personal computer and tablet at the end of processing and proceed to the following process.
As a result, we can grasp the current process of orders accurately in real-time, and it will be a countermeasure against delivery troubles and retention in a single operation.

This system enables us to prevent batting on specific equipment in advance by scheduling on various machines.
Also, we can refer to the processing results of the operator on a calendar basis and check the staffing and working bias at any time.

The system performs various payment-data processing as well.
So, all the data related to purchase and delivery is linking to each product.