Latest Equipent

Our variety of the latest equipment

Using up-to-date equipment (mainly processing equipment) from all over the world,

we maximize the performance of the software to shape various ideas of our product.

Walter (German)

We introduced Walter in 1995.
Every year, we are increasing the number of machines.
Three of them are capable of cutting diamond tools with the rotary electrode.

Schutte (German)

It is usually tricky to handle a tool grinding machine that manufacture of Multi-axis automatic board made. But we are increasing the number of these machines every year because it fits in our management style.
We are proudly the top owner of this equipment in Japan.

Rollomatic (Swiss)

This equipment specialized in manufacturing tools of small-sized diameter and middle-sized diameter.
We have several numbers of this and other Special cylindrical grinding machines NP4, NP5 in our temperature-controlled room in factories.

Strausak (Swiss)

This machine is the only one among Swiss tool grinding machines adopted in Japan. And it has software NUMROTO which is installed on a variety of Tool grinders worldwide.

Makino Milling Machine (Japan)

This machine was made in Japan.
We have multiple numbers of this machine, Having the top model AGE30 at the head of the list. We are utilizing this machine to manufacture various tools, making use of the strength of domestically produced equipment.